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Webinar: Making Cultivation Financially Profitable and Optimizing Farm Potential with 'Smarter

04/12/2020  | Online

Equinom is bringing about a sea of change in the food and agricultural industries, introducing newly designed non-GMO “Smarter Sesame” with high-value health, function and cultivation characteristics.
With huge value packed into a tiny superfood, sesame has become one of the world’s most prominent oilseed crops and an essential part of a nutritious diet. Equinom’s breakthrough Smarter Sesame varieties are abundant in qualities targeted to food industry specifications, making these high oil- and protein-content seeds highly profitable across regional economies.

In addition to many nutritional trait upgrades, Equinom’s IP-protected sesame varieties offer a myriad of benefits to growers, including:

  • Boosting crop yields up to 2,200 lbs/acre (compared to the industry standard of 500 lbs/acre)
  • Durability in a range of growing conditions, with heat tolerance and drought resistance
  • Requiring less fertilizer and water (compared to sorghum, cotton and corn)
  • Requiring less use of pesticides due to naturally high levels of disease and insect tolerance compared to other crops
  • Fitting in multiple row cropping systems and conforming to most planting and irrigation methods
  • Improving soil tilth leading to higher yields on the following crops

Equinom is introducing Smarter Sesame to optimize cultivation in many new and existing geographical areas: The United States, South America, Western Europe, Southern Europe, the Middle East and Australia. In the US, Smarter Sesame has been grown commercially across 50,000 acres in Texas and Oklahoma over the last three years.

In the webinar, attendees will learn how to increase farm potential and profitability with Equinom’s Smarter Sesame. Topics of discussion will include a current market overview, the agronomic and financial benefits of Smarter Sesame, how to grow Smarter Sesame and the benefits of Equinom’s sesame varieties across the supply chain.

Organisatie: Xtalks / Equinom