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Webinar: Nutrients in the EU, Farm-to-Fork and Horizon Europe

27/11/2020  | Online

Within the new Green Deal, the EU's 'Farm-to-Fork’ policy poses ambitious objectives for agriculture-food system sustainability, including to reduce nutrient losses by 50% and fertiliser use by 20% before 2030, to improve nutrient stewardship (revised Circular Economy Action Plan and European Integrated Nutrient Management Action Plan) and to address diet, including via consumer food product nutrition labelling. Horizon Europe also underlines circularity in the food system, and proposes to develop a “comprehensive EU policy to balance nutrient cycles”.

The objective of this webinar is to understand challenges and opportunities for nutrient management in 'Farm-to-Fork' policy implementation and enable dialogue between policy makers, NGOs, industry and professional organisations, scientists and regions/cities.

The webinar will be organised, Friday 27th November, in three parts:

  • 9h00 - 10h30 CET: dialogue and questions/discussion with experts
    Nutrients in EU Green Deal policies: from objectives to actions
  • 11h30 -12h30 CET: preparation of a contribution document for the European Commission
    Input to the EU's Integrated Nutrient Management Action Plan
  • 14h-15h30 CET: ESPP Annual General Assembly - members only.

Full programme and speaker updates here: 

Organisatie: European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform