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Webinar: Integrated Control of Plant Conditions

17/06/2020  | Online

Do you want higher productions and better quality? And at the same time use resources such as water, energy and nutrients more efficiently? This is your chance! Learn more about Plant Empowerment in our free webinar series. You will be introduced to the basic principles and how to implement these principles in your greenhouse. All within four online sessions! The webinar series start on Wednesday June 3th 2020. 

What will you learn?

You will learn how to stimulate and support the natural growing power of the plants by creating optimal growth conditions. The first webinar will be given by the authors of the book. They explain the basic principles. Following topics discussed are, for example: screening, Data Driven Growing, automation, substrate, glass types, climate, pollination, natural pest & disease control and natural & artificial lighting.

Webinar 3 - Integrated Control of Plant Conditions

Wednesday June 17th 2020 – 9am & 3 pm

This webinar is given by the Implementation Partners Hoogendoorn Growth Management and Ludvig Svensson. Speakers of this webinar are Rene Beerkens and Ton Habraken.

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Organisatie: Plant Empowerment